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"As you can see from our favorites folder, there weren't very many that we didn't like! Wes was especially happy with the photos of me lying in the grass and the shots of him and the guys on the bike path. It really meant a lot that you were willing to use his ideas to take the photos. And of course, the candids are always great because it captures all the unexpected moments that you sometimes miss. I think my favorite candid was of my nieces sitting in the pew with our ring bearer right in the middle. That photo definitely brought a smile to our faces. And those are exactly the types of photos we wanted, because, as you're probably aware, when you're the center of attention, you don't have the luxury of seeing all the other little things going on. So thank you for recording those little moments for us to enjoy later.

Wes and I will probably touch base with you tomorrow evening. And thank you again for your wonderful work!"

Kelly & Wes


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