About David Sinton

Let me start by saying that my wife Sharon has been the center of our success.

Throughout your wedding day, you will see her gently whispering suggestions in my ear, bringing me water when I am dehydrated, telling me to sit when I look so tired that I might fall over, and of course taking photos of her own that often leave me envious.

Wedding Photography started for me right around the time I met Sharon. It was 2005, and I was apprenticing for a very successful wedding photographer in Hawaii. I met Sharon on a hike with a mutual friend and 6 months later she followed me back to Iowa. I started davidsinton.com and she decided that coming along to weddings would be fun. A year later we where married and since then our lives have been blessed and our business has continued to grow.

We both live in Fairfield Iowa, but travel for weddings and pleasure.

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About David Sinton
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